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Screens in Focus Podcast

May 14, 2024

Join Diana and Renee as they dive into their latest TV and movie recommendations in this jam-packed episode under 17 minutes taped on 5/6/2024.

  1. Fall Out Podcast Mention- Prime (0:00): Diana and Renee encourage listeners to check out their podcast episode "Fall Out" before diving into the latest recommendations.

  2. Under The Bridge-Hulu (0:22): They explore the gritty true crime series, discussing the discomfort and realism portrayed in the lives of troubled youth, and the rawness of Reena Virk's story. 

  3. Unbelievable - Netflix (4:35): Renee recommends this captivating limited series on Netflix, featuring women detectives and victims, highlighting its compelling narrative.

  4. Thank You, Good Night: The Bon Jovi Story - Hulu (5:56): Diana shares her love for this documentary, expressing her fandom for the band and the engaging storytelling.

  5. Hidden (8:14): Renee introduces this psychological apocalyptic movie, praising its suspenseful plot and gripping atmosphere.

  6. Civil War (8:54): Diana discusses her enjoyment of this dystopian future film, recounting the diverse perspectives it evoked among her group and its thought-provoking premise.

  7. On The Line (12:35): Renee discusses this film starring Mel Gibson as a shock jock, describing the intense situations the family gets dragged into.

  8. The Idea of You - Prime (14:03): Diana recommends this romantic comedy featuring Anne Hathaway, praising its entertainment value and heartwarming storyline.

  9. The Fall Guy (15:14): Diana briefly mentions this movie starring Ryan Gosling, teasing her upcoming podcast on the film.

With engaging discussions and insightful recommendations, this episode is sure to keep you entertained and informed about the latest in TV and movies. Don't miss out!!!

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