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Screens in Focus Podcast

Aug 9, 2022

Cindy and Devin join Diana as they discuss Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2! They break it all down and discuss all the actions, motivations, and heartfelt moments between the characters. They discuss the relationships between Will and Mike, Dustin and Eddie, Eleven and papa, Joyce and Hopper, and more. They share their favorite moments along with thoughts and theories for season 5 and who they think will be instrumental in the final season. 

Plus, poll results on the question of the day. What is your favorite heavy metal band? 

Also, TV and  Movie Recommendations on The Boys, Nope, The Gray Man, Blackbird, and Virgin River. 

As discussed in this episode: 

Eddie Munson’s Upside Down Guitar GOD Scene - Master Of Puppets

Larnell Lewis:

Duffer Brothers:

Stranger Things S4 details & S5 Theories:

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