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Screens in Focus Podcast

Feb 21, 2023

Join Diana, a super fan of The Walking Dead, and her guest co-host Sam, who has watched every episode, as they discuss the impact of the hit TV series and its finale after 11 seasons. From badass moments to shocking betrayals, they reflect on the series and highlight their favorite seasons, episodes, and characters. They also discuss the popular show The Last of Us and share some TV show and movie recommendations. Listen in as they share their love for this groundbreaking series and relive some of the most memorable moments.

TV and Movie recommendations on You, The Big Brunch, Tulsa  King, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Sick, Your Place or Mine, Dante’s Peak, Volcano: The Rescue from Whaakari,  Aftershock: The Everest and Nepal Earthquake.

1.05.02: The Last Of Us

1.12.00: TV/Movie Recommendations 

The Walking Dead Finale, Ep 178 TWD S11 E24 "Rest In Peace" 

Ben Howard - Oats in The Water S4 E

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