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Screens in Focus Podcast

Oct 13, 2023

In this episode, Renee Hansen and Diana take a deep dive into "The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon" Episode 5, where we explore the past, present, and return of a friend's voice!  We can't help but be thrilled to hear Carol's message and anticipate what this tease might mean for the series' finale and the upcoming season. We focus on Daryl's transformation and its influence on Laurent and Isabelle, shedding light on their stories in the post-apocalyptic world. With intriguing themes of survival, redemption, and the complexities of villains, we share our theories and anticipation for what lies ahead.

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TV Series: 

"The Morning Show"  (AppleTV)

"Loki” Season 2 (Disney+)

"Sex Education"  (Netflix)

"Beckham Documentary" (Netflix) 


"Pet Sematary: Bloodlines”  (Paramount+)

"Fair Play"  (Netflix)


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