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Screens in Focus Podcast

Jun 23, 2023

Question of the day: What is more horrifying, cockroaches or rats? 

SPECIAL RELEASE: Join Diana and special guest co-host Renee Hansen, a writer for Undead Walking and co-host of Beauty and The Beazts podcast, as they delve into a captivating discussion on The Walking Dead Universe (TWDU). With insights from Renee's round table interview with the cast of TWD: Dead City and her experience interviewing Fear The Walking Dead actors, this episode offers a fresh perspective on the unlikely duo of Negan and Maggie. Engaging debates, heartfelt moments, and a deep appreciation for Morgan's journey in FearTWD make this a must-listen episode for all TWDU enthusiasts. Tune in for insightful and fun conversations that will leave you eagerly awaiting more!! 

Plus, we have some TV and Movie recommendations  featuring FireFly Lane, From, The Crowded Room, The Bear, Extraction 2, Manifest, Succession and more!

Renee Hansen:

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