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Screens in Focus Podcast

Jul 25, 2023

Join me, Diana, along with Renee Hansen, a talented writer for Undead Walking, as we break down the thrilling events of TWD: Dead City Season 1, Episodes 4 and 5. In Episode 4, we discuss the intense confrontation between the Croat and Negan, Perlie's motivations, and the blurred lines of morality in the apocalypse. We'll also explore Maggie's unwavering determination to save Hershel at any cost and how Ginny's mistrust adds to the complexity of the story.

Moving on to Episode 5, we'll delve into the growing bond between Negan and Perlie, showcasing Negan's remarkable character development. The gripping battle against the terrifying fused walker will keep us at the edge of our seats, while the introduction of The Dama raises intriguing questions about Negan's role in the city's dynamics.

Don't miss our exciting discussion on the themes and highlights of these episodes and stay tuned for the upcoming season finale. Plus, we have thrilling TV and movie recommendations, including "Hijack," "The Last Thing He Told Me," "The Bear," "Full Circle", "Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1," "They Live," and "Flamin Hot." Get ready for another captivating episode of TWD: Dead City!

Renee Hansen:

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