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Screens in Focus Podcast

Feb 20, 2024

Join us as we journey through the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead, exploring the evolution of Rick Grimes from a devoted sheriff to a resilient survivor across seasons 1-8. Alongside co-host Renee, we explore Rick's relationships with Hershel, Michonne, and his family, and the pivotal moments that define his journey. As we gear up for the new TWD spinoff, "The Ones Who Live," we reflect on Rick's path as a precursor to what's to come.

*CORRECTION -TWD "Wrath" is the sixteenth and final episode of the eighth season.

Plus, catch our movie and TV recommendations, shared around the 45.10-minute mark:

🍿 Fool Me Once

🍿 Loudermilk

🍿 True Detective S1

🍿 Something's Gotta Give

🍿 Narnia

🍿 Jumanji

🍿 Fargo

🍿 Iron Claw

🍿 Saltburn

Renee Hansen:

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