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Screens in Focus Podcast

Feb 23, 2024

Join us for part 2 of Rick Grimes' Journey in The Walking Dead. We delve into season 9 and his unforgettable sacrifice with the heart-wrenching moment on the bridge and the emotional aftermath for Michonne, Daryl, and the others. Reflecting on Rick's miraculous survival and subsequent absence, we see Judith now a young child, marking the passage of time. Shifting to Michonne, we trace her evolution from a guarded survivor to a compassionate leader, influenced by her friendship with Carl and pivotal choices made in the early seasons, which led her on the path to Rick and their journey together.

With "The Ones Who Live" on the horizon, our anticipation grows for the future of The Walking Dead universe. Join Renee and me as we share our hopes and anxieties for the beloved series.

Plus, catch our latest movie and TV recommendations around the 33.18-minute mark:

  • Belgravia: The Next Chapter (Prime/Roku) 
  • 4th Rewatch of Stranger Things
  • True Detective: Night Country (Max)
  • Expats (Prime)
  • The Curse (Paramount+ & Showtime)
  • Greatest Night in Pop (Netflix)
  • Anatomy Of A Fall (Prime)
  • Past Lives (Paramount+)

Renee Hansen:

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