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Screens in Focus Podcast

Mar 8, 2024

Join Renee and Diana as they dive into Michonne's journey post-Rick with new friends Aiden, Bailey, and Nat. They explore Michonne's unwavering heroism and compassion, balancing her quest to find Rick with aiding others and staying connected to her family. The reunion with Rick is thrilling yet subtly different, as his protective instincts kick in against the CRM's threats. They also discuss Michonne's choice to keep Rick's son, RJ, a secret for now, sparking online debates. The passionate moments between Rick and Michonne break the norm for The Walking Dead. And, the shocking appearance of Jadis at the end leaves them speculating on what's to come.

At the 45.04 mark, they switch gears to talk about some TV and movies:

Wednesday (Netflix)
Yesterday (Netflix)
Family Stallone Season 2 (Paramount+)
Resident Alien Season 3 (Syfy)
Dune Part 1 (HBO Max) and Dune Part 2 (In Theatres)

Let's dive into their lively chat!

Renee Hansen:

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