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Screens in Focus Podcast

Mar 15, 2024

Join Renee and Diana in this intense installment where Rick and Michonne's love is tested as they navigate the dangers of the CRM. Rick attempts to protect Michonne by urging her to leave, but her unwavering loyalty keeps her by his side. Meanwhile, Thorne and Jadis emerge as formidable obstacles, threatening their safety and lives. The episode culminates in a heart-stopping moment as Michonne and Rick each take drastic measures to ensure their survival and the safety of their loved ones in TWD: The Ones Who Live Ep. 3 “Bye”.

📺 TV and Movie Recommendations (Timestamp: 53:51):

  • Imaginary (Theatres)
  • So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) on Fox
  • Poor Things on Hulu
  • Damsel on Netflix
  • Ricky Stanicky on Prime Video
  • Mean Girls 2024 on Paramount+

Andrew Lincoln & Dainai Gurira | Senoia interview - The Return-

Renee Hansen:

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