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Screens in Focus Podcast

Mar 22, 2024

Join Diana and Renee as they dive into episode 4 of "The Ones Who Live," an emotional journey in The Walking Dead. Renee resonates with Michonne's perspective, while Diana finds this episode a favorite in TV history.

The episode explores Rick's fear of losing loved ones again, leading him to consider going back to the CRM. Michonne, through a heartfelt moment, reminds him of Carl's wish for them to love as long as they can.

Tune in for a heartfelt recap and analysis of Rick and Michonne's intense bond, their choices, and their journey through survival and love.

At the 45.22-minute mark, they recommend:

  • Abbott Elementary S2 (Hulu)
  • Wanderlust (Netflix)
  • The Irish Wish (Netflix)
  • Happiness is for Beginners (Netflix)
  • Love is Blind S6 Reunion (Netflix)
  • Shameless (Netflix)
  • True Detective S1 (HBO Max)

*Correction: The title of the song is "Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Old Oak Tree" (My first record and I know this, but when I said it, it didn't come out properly! LOL)

Renee Hansen:

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