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Screens in Focus Podcast

Apr 18, 2023

In this episode of Screens in Focus, Courtney joins Diana to discuss the hit TV series "Daisy Jones and The Six". The episode starts with a "Question of the day" segment inspired by the show's inspiration, Fleetwood Mac, and asks "What is your favorite Fleetwood Mac song?". They dive into what intrigued them about the show, highlighting its themes of music, ambition, love, and family. They discuss the dynamics between Daisy, Billy, and Camila, which is a central focus of the show, as well as the impressive performances by the entire cast, who played their own instruments and sang. The hosts also appreciate the show's '70s vibe, the fashion, and famous venues featured in the series. The two hosts also discuss the sisterhood between the female characters Daisy, Simone, Camila, and Karen. In addition to discussing "Daisy Jones and The Six," they give other TV show recommendations, including Shrinking, Mandalorian, Beef, Night Agent, Tiny Beautiful Things, and Schmigadoon S2. The episode wraps up with Diana and Courtney expressing their hopes for a Daisy Jones and The Six tour, as well as their love for the series' soundtrack. Follow and subscribe to Screens in Focus. Website: Email: Twitter Instagram: Free background music from