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Screens in Focus Podcast

Nov 17, 2023

Join Renee and Diana in this lively recap of Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episodes 9 and 10. Episode 9 delves into Dwight's challenging return to the Sanctuary, where horrific memories resurface. Sherry, June, and Dove seek his help at PADRE, leading to an exploration of Dwight and Sherry's love story and their path to unity.

In Episode 10, the group faces internal divisions, with Madison's grief-driven choices and Strand's surprising transformation into the voice of reason. As they grapple with Troy's vendetta, Madison takes bold actions, leaving the group in suspense. Despite some writing concerns, Renee and Diana express hope for the series and share exciting TV and movie recommendations to wrap up the episode.

TV and Movie Recommendations:


The Buccaneers (AppleTV) 

Lawmen Bass Reeves (Paramount+) 

Six Feet Under

Selling Sunset S7 (Netflix)

Lesson in Chemistry (AppleTV)


Insidious: The Red Door

Rewatching Hunger Games movies in anticipation of Ballad of Song Birds and Snakes

Fingernails (AppleTV)

The Killer (Netflix)

Sly (Netflix)

Tune in for an entertaining discussion, laughs, and insights into the world of Fear the Walking Dead and beyond!

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